Why aren't my images showing up?

Hey, Can someone help me troubleshoot why none of the images in my chapter are appearing? I loaded them all to the content gallery and then moved them over.

Also, I added a pre-read and post-read survey. I’d love to tell learners how their score changed and have them comment on that. Is there a way to do that?

Any other feedback you have on this is appreciated.


Heya! Can you invite me to your library so I can take a look?


Sure- can you tell me how to do that?

Yes, here’s a video showing how to invite learners!


In response to your other questions –

  • Occasionally images are wonky. You may need to delete them and re-add them… but you shouldn’t have to re-add them from to the media library. I would re-add one, publish your PeBL, see how it works.

  • We can’t do math with variables quite yet, but it’s coming soon. You can report what learners have previously answered by using triggers, variables, and Variable Display interactions.

Just 1) create a variable, 2) create a trigger that changes the value of the variable based on what someone responded in an interaction, and 3) create a Variable Display interaction in the content, which reports the current value of the variable.

Let me know (anyone, not just Emily) if you’d like an example video on that!

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