Which devices do you use for authoring?

Hi! Again, doing some technological polishing and we could use your input.

Which operating systems/browsers do you want to make sure the PeBL Pro authoring app works on? (This is for the instructional designer/author, not the learner.)

Right now, these are the operating systems and browsers we’re targeting:

  • OSX 10.11 or later
    • Chrome (current)
    • Safari (current)
  • Windows 10
    • Chrome (current)
    • Edge (88 and newer)

Please drop a comment if your authoring environment requires something not on this list, like if you use Linux, you use a Mac but there’s a reason you can’t upgrade past a certain version of Chrome, etc.)

Hi Judy,
I use an ~8 year old iMac running OS 10.15.7 (latest). I use Safari 14.0.2 unless for some reason I have to use Chrome (v.88.0.4324.96).

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I would really love for it to work on Firefox, but I’m willing to use Chrome :wink: I’m also on Windows 10, so that’s perfect.

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I’m on the latest OS X, always on a Mac (currently MBA 11, with a large monitor attached). I use Safari (always the latest) by choice, occasionally Chrome (again, the latest) if necessary. I was using Brave, but then Safari added more privacy, and Brave didn’t sync across to my iOS devices. As I mentioned to you, I’d much rather have a desktop app than a browser app, for reasons like not requiring an internet connection, having a local copy, and generally a more elegant UI (when done properly, of course ;). And I can understand if that’s not best for your plans.

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