Variables reset on start

Hello community!

I’m playing with the PeBL to see if I can recreate a simple resource management simulation we did in Adapt. The idea is that you start out with a budget in coins and a time in days. You make decisions that cost you time and money. Using the resources wisely you should be able to deliver the project. Or not?

My question is about the variables. Is there a way to a) always start with the cover b) automatically reset all variables to default every time the user starts the course? Right now (I’m not sure if it’s cache), it seems to remember some of them.

(Ideally, it would be great to have a continue where you left off or reset choice but right now I’m just looking to reset them as the user starts the simulation.)


Hi, Zsolt!

All variables should be remembered by default, period… so if there are some that are not, I’d like to take a look at the file and see what’s going on.

Currently, you are able to put in a button (or other control, but you’d probably use a button) that can reset all of the variables. The ability to make that happen on a chapter load is coming soon. Also the ability to do math with variables is coming… so now you can set a variable to a specific value, but not add 1, subtract 1, etc.

Hope that helps!