Section 508 / WCAG compliance

Just a quick question. Are PeBLs Section 508 / WCAG compliant? I was not sure, and I understand that part of the answer to this question is likely based on what the author does regarding usage of media and other design choices. Thanks!

What a great question!

Yes, part of the answer is what the author does, but a HUGE part of it is how the code is written for the content and the reader, how the themes are designed, etc.

So I’m glad to tell you that the answer is absolutely yes… we have a commitment to accessibility and we’re now undergoing what we hope will be our final check before launch. We will have a prominent section on this on our website that will include our actual 508/WCAG compliance report, and of course sample PeBLs that organizations can test for themselves. And design guidelines so that authors know what to do when authoring PeBLs, although the lift for them is far less than it is with a lot of other tools.

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Thanks for the quick response, and for the explanation. Sounds good! :smile:

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