Importing from Word

Hi, y’all! We’re working on some final feature development before launch and that includes PeBL’s import options (I’m suuuuuuper stoked to share this with y’all!).

So my question is, let’s say you want to import from Word, and you want PeBL to break the text up into chapters upon import.

Which Word features should PeBL recognize as chapter breaks?

H1 styles?
Page breaks?
Something else?

I’d definitely vote for H1 styles, as I’m a big advocate of styles-driven formatting, not hand formatting. FWIW.

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I would suggest prompting for a user-defined chapter break string, but offer defaults like H1 or page breaks.

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Thank you! I think making it user-defined is definitely in the future.

As a starting point, would H1s and page breaks cover the possibilities for you?

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Absolutely! H1 and page breaks would at least be a very usable starting point.

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Excellent. Making it so.

This feature, like all others, will be under continued development, but it’s important to us to launch with something usable!