Hi from Erika - Chicago

Hello all! I work in the learning and instructional design department for an association. Due to the subject matter (supply chain) we end up working with both B2C and B2B which often have different needs.

I’m doing some research on what’s out there, mainly out of personal interest, but it may also come in handy as we’re currently in the midst of a large revision of our courseware.

Welcome, Erika! Glad you made your way here.

I’m curious – which authoring tool(s) were used to create your existing courseware?

The vast majority of courseware is in the LMS/CMS which was put online by the vendor - it’s one most commonly used in test prep/association context. You can export HTML pages of all the reading content fairly easily but not a traditional authoring file. (We have some H5p activities, .mp4s and short Storyline files but they are supplemental).

The original source content for the online self-paced courseware is a set of instructor-led manuals and student workbooks (originally print - currently sent out as PDFs as we’ve moved away from printing). So we have a couple of versions to maintain.

Our current online courses aren’t SCORM-compliant (which a lot of large companies request) so that’s something being considered for future-state.

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Got it. Yeah, if something is exportable as a webpage, it should be easy to get into a lot of authoring tools, but not everyone offers it.

We’re actually working on our HTML import… if you’d like to send me a file or two, I’d love to see how easily we can get it into PeBL Pro.