Content Morphing inside content morphing?

Hey, I think I fell into Inception.

I’m trying to do a three part content morph (best choice, middle choice, worst choice). I can see best and middle and filled in the content. When I preview, I can see there’s a worst choice option, but I can’t figure out how to add the text.

I tried to find the settings to edit it, but I think I now embedded another content morph into my “best” option. I don’t know how to delete it now. Help?

Inception – love it! :crazy_face:

It actually is possible to embed interactions inside content morphs, but you’re still in one dream layer here. :wink:

We are looooong overdue to release some instructional videos on content morphing. I appreciate you taking the time for a 1:1 session today… and I will post back here when we have videos up!

In case anyone sees this later on, the solution was to keep hitting delete until it disappeared. I definitely had built a content morph inside another one. Once you remove the content, the delete key 3 times gave me a pop up to remove the inside content morph. Had to do it twice, once for each of the new content fields.

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I feel like obscure things like putting a CM into another CM should earn you a trophy. :trophy: #gamified

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