Best practices: Editing with SMEs?

Hey fellow developers, how are you getting your SME feedback on your PeBL? I’ve taken screenshots to explain the different features and gave them learner access to the files, but it’s not a super seamless experience. How are you getting this done? Right now, we’re using Slack, but it’s obviously hard to keep track of it all. Thanks for your advice.

Hi, Emily!

Something we do whenever we’re creating content internally is to use the annotations feature in the library. I made a video about how to do it, which hopefully you can just pass along to your reviewers:

One best practice I would be aware of: I would actually version your course (export it as an EPUB and re-import it, make changes, push it out to the library as a new PeBL, then send reviewers a new link) for each review cycle; otherwise you’ll keep seeing old annotations that may have already been fixed. That’s a feature because we don’t want learners’ annotations to disappear whenever each PeBL is re-published, but it’s something to be aware of when doing reviews on a course that isn’t final yet… you don’t want all of those annotations attached to the previous version to keep showing up.

Making this smoother with proper collaborative reviewing is on the roadmap, but for now, that’s the best way that I know of!