Background image for page

More fun branding: I made a page as the background for a resources page with some branding so theoretically someone could print it off for future use. How do I put the text on top of the image background?

If I’m understanding you correctly, you can’t… there isn’t a way in PeBL Pro to set a background image (yet), so these are your options:

  1. Make a graphic that has the text you want on it — which is super inaccessible, but if you’re just creating it for print, you could just link to the PDF resource.

  2. Edit the EPUB to have a background image. Chapters in a PeBL are, at their core, XHTML pages. So this is hypothetically possible… I haven’t done it yet but I’m happy to help you figure it out if you want! Note: remember that something you change about a whole chapter is going to change on every “page“ of that chapter. you don’t have as much layout control in some ways when you author responsive, so thinking in pages sometimes doesn’t work very well.