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As someone who tracks their time as an instructional designer I would like the ability to have analytics on the authoring side of the tool. Things like how long I’ve been working on the PeBL project, how many graphics are included, how much time creating vs. editing, how many words, maybe even reading level. Then these could be used across the PeBL projects for an individual author or across a team of authors to be able to project future development times and costs.

Deleting the content morphing blocks. I would like to see a deleting option.

I’d like more formatting options for text. I want to have call out boxes to make some of the text look different and I’m not seeing a good/easy way to do that.

I have the learner type in their name at the beginning of the PeBL and then I use it throughout the file. I wish I didn’t have to create a new interaction every time I wanted to display the variable.

I want to be able to copy and paste tables with formatting. I’m using them as a navigational feature and it’s annoying to do the same 20 things over and over again.